Week Ending 9th February

* Acorn Class Update *

We're thrilled to share the wonderful adventures and achievements of Acorn Class this week! 🌳✨

📝 Instruction Writing Unit Completion: Our little ones in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) have been busy crafting beautiful sets of instructions, teaching their peers the importance of proper handwashing techniques. Their detailed instructions captivated everyone's attention and helped spread awareness about hygiene practices.

Meanwhile, our Year One and Year Two children delved into the world of Paddington Bear, infusing their creativity into making his beloved sandwich recipe healthier. Who knew that lettuce, cucumber, and marmalade could make such a delicious combination? 🥪😋

🧮 Mathematical Explorations:

In mathematics, our EYFS explorers have been honing their skills by investigating the concepts of 'one more' and 'one less.' It's been a joy to watch their curiosity unfold as they engage with numbers and patterns.

As for our Year Two mathematicians, they've been diving into the fundamentals of grouping and sharing, laying the groundwork for their journey into division. It's been a rewarding experience witnessing their mathematical prowess blossom! ➗🔢

📚 Guided Reading Adventure:

Our guided reading journey reached a delightful conclusion with the completion of "Izzy Gizmo." The students were thoroughly enchanted by Izzy's inventiveness and resilience. Be sure to check out the Izzy Gizmo song on Seesaw for a musical treat! 🎶📖

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm as we embark on these educational adventures together. Let's continue to inspire and empower our little learners to reach for the stars! 🚀✨

* Oak Class Update *

🌟 Oak Class Update 🌟

What a fantastic week it has been for Oak Class! 📚✨

In English, our talented children have been diving into the world of creativity, crafting explanation texts on magical edible or flying shirts! 🧥🚀 They've impressively incorporated causal conjunctions, time prepositions, and adverbs into their writing, showcasing their growing skills.

Over in maths, our years 3 to 5 students have been mastering fractions, while our year six students have successfully wrapped up their unit on algebra. 🧮💡

Our geography unit concluded with a thought-provoking afternoon dedicated to understanding global warming and our carbon footprint. 🌍 The highlight? A captivating song performance, inspired by Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep', all about the urgent issue of global warming. Check it out on Seesaw—it's truly remarkable! 🎶

The excitement continued with a memorable visit to the AO Arena in Manchester, where our year five and six students participated in the Young Voices concert alongside our friends from St George’s. 🎤🎶

In guided reading, our older students delved into the inspiring true story of Malala Yousafzai with "Malala’s Magic Pencil", while our younger students eagerly continued their adventure with "Operation Gadget Man", even asking to take copies home to complete during the holidays! 📖✨

As we head into a well-deserved break, we wish everyone a restful and enjoyable week off. See you all refreshed and ready to go on Monday, 19th February! 🗓️💫