PCSO Visit

Keeping Our selves Safe - PCSO visit

The children enjoyed a visit from PCSO Andrew Critchley today. This was linked to our PSHE unit on Keeping Ourselves Safe.

In Acorn Class they discussed how to keep themselves safe online. PC Andrew told us that the Internet is a useful resource and we use it regularly for homework and play. As well as talking about the advantages of it, we also discussed the disadvantages. The children were made aware of the importance of not sharing any personal information with people they don't know. When unsure, they should speak to an adult at home or school. They also discussed how to keep themselves on the road. The children devised a dos and don't list with help from PC Andrew. For example, You must look both ways for vehicles and never cross the road on a blind corner. 

In Oak Class they discussed different scenarios and what factors to consider when considering what help is needed from the emergency services. PC Andrew informed us about difference between 999 and 101