Week ending 6th October

*Acorn Class*

We had an amazing day today as our little explorers were out and about spotting some incredible birds in our local area! 🐦🔍 It was a fantastic hands-on experience for them.

But that's not all! 🧮 We also delved into the fascinating world of math, where we honed our pattern recognition skills and explored fact families. It's always exciting to see the young minds at work.

📚 Phonics games were in full swing, making learning even more fun and interactive. We love watching our students grow their literacy skills.

🎨 And of course, our art projects are nearing completion, with each masterpiece reflecting your child's creativity and imagination.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Acorn Class! We're having a blast on this learning journey. 😊🌿

*Oak Class*

📚🌟 What a busy week it has been in Oak Class! Here's a glimpse of what our outstanding children have been up to:

🌍 We kicked off the week with a captivating whole school assembly dedicated to Black History Month. The theme this year is - Celebrating Our Sisters - we will be celebrating the incredible contributions of influential Black UK females throughout October. . 🙌✨

🗺️ In our English lessons, we've dived headfirst into a new thrilling non-fiction unit. We began by identifying the features of a non-chronological report and then creating our own Vlogs. This was to teach the children at St. George's what they need to include when it is their turn to write a report. Have a look at Seesaw to watch your child's Vlog. Stay tuned for some fantastic non-chronological reports on the Lake District, as our children combine their newfound Geography and Literacy knowledge!

🙏 Our RE classes delved into the profound special relationship between Jews and God, exploring the promises they made to each other. It's been an enlightening journey of understanding and reflection.

💭 Meanwhile, in our PSHE lessons, we've been focusing on "Me and my Relationships." This week, we explored the fascinating world of feelings. Oak Class discussed a wide range of emotions and learned how these feelings can vary in intensity. They even ordered emotion cards from least to most intense, deepening their emotional awareness.