Week Ending 13th October

* Acorn Class News *

It's been a thrilling week in Acorn Class, with a hedgehog theme in EYFS, our little ones have been on an incredible learning journey. They have been hard at work preparing a special surprise – a hedgehog house!  They measured and weighed, even crafting their own playdough hedgehogs!  It's been an educational and hands-on experience, teaching our children about the importance of wildlife and conservation. We can't wait to see the smiles on their faces as they watch it all come together.

In Year 1 and 2, our children  took on the challenge of planning and writing their own stories, featuring pirate dinosaurs and hidden treasures. 

The maths wizards among us used their skills to partition numbers, employing the fantastic Rekenek and various manipulatives to help us. 

Reception students are having a blast using their phonics skills to read stories to our adorable furry phonics puppets. 

In art we've unleashed our creativity, printing our final designs onto fabric pencil cases. 

* Oak Class News *

What an exciting week it was in Oak Class! We kicked things off with a whole school assembly, continuing our celebration of Black History Month. This week, we delved into the inspiring journey of the Windrush generation and were captivated by the incredible story of a local lady called Alison Bennison, who came to Britain from Barbados in 1960 to train as a nurse and work for the National Health Service. 

Our learning adventure didn't stop there! We had a fantastic morning of Computing with Mrs. Harrison, where we explored the fascinating world of coding and how it is used in our everyday lives. 

In Literacy, we've been hard at work. We've completed our model write – a non-chronological report on the breathtaking Lake District. And now, we're gearing up for our independent write, where we'll be crafting non-chronological reports about a contrasting European locality, Tenerife. We can't wait to share our amazing creations with you next week! 

As if that wasn't enough fun, we also got to try out a new app called Blooket this week. It's been a blast as the children tested their knowledge and understanding of various topics in a low-stakes, high-reward gaming environment. Learning has never been this much fun! 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for Class Call In. The atmosphere was truly incredible, and our young learners were overjoyed to share their wonderful work with you all.