Collaboration with St George's

From the 1st March 2019, Mossy Lea entered into a formal collaboration with St George’s Church of England Primary School a large school in Chorley. In the period of transition since our last Ofsted the school roll has dropped significantly. Although this has stabilised and numbers have started to increase, the school needed a solution for its long-term future in providing an outstanding education for our pupils that was economically viable. The Local Authority along with the Governors decided that the best approach would be to enter into a formal collaboration with a larger school.

Executive Headteacher, Mr Andy Purcell, has responsibility for both schools.

The benefits for Mossy Lea are that we get the experience of a National Leader of Education to lead and manage our school. In addition, we are able to utilise the skills and expertise of the Middle leaders and Senior Leaders from St George’s in driving standards forward and providing amazing learning opportunities for the pupil’s of Mossy Lea. For the staff from St George’s in allows them the opportunity to gain experience working with a school in a different setting that will help both schools to recruit the best and retain the best; both of which are crucial for school improvement.

The collaboration will also have benefits for the pupils of Mossy Lea. We will be taking part in enrichment activities that we may have been unable to offer, such as residentials and certain educational visits. In addition, St George’s pupils can use the outside forest area of Mossy Lea.

The final benefit is financial. There will be substantial financial savings for Mossy Lea, which at a time of reduction in expendable funds, allowing the long term future of the school to be guaranteed and the rebuilding of the school’s reputation to gather pace.

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