Health & Safety Notices

A number of staff have completed courses in first aid and so any minor accidents occurring during the school day will be referred to and treated by them. If your child is seen by a first aider, you will receive details via a DoJo message.

In more serious circumstances the appropriate hospital/doctor will be contacted and we will inform you as quickly as possible. Please make sure we have an up-to-date emergency contact telephone number for you.

Your child will receive medical inspections from time to time by the School Nursing Service, of which you will be given notice and invited to attend. If it is necessary for the school doctor to examine your child, you will also be notified to be present.

Please inform us of any medical problems that your child may have eg; asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc.

Being mindful of the health and safety of your children we ask you:

  • Not to smoke on the school premises.
  • Not to drive into the playground or park on the zigzags outside of the school.
  • Not to bring dogs into the playground
  • Not to send your child in to school for 48 hours if they have been sick.
  • Not to send nuts to school