Holiday Dates

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Please note in line with Government, and Local guidance that the Headteacher will only authorise up to 5 days absence for holidays during term time and this will only be done in very exceptional circumstances. Authorisation of holiday leave can no longer be the norm. However, both myself, the rest of the SLT, and indeed the Governors will always try to work with parents and operate both within the policy, and and with an injection of common sense. In making a decision a range of factors will be taken into consideration. Parents are encouraged to read the related policy on 'leave of absence' before submitting a request. The policy can be found following this link. Finally, only written requests, on the correct form (available from the office) will be considered

Please also note that school will not authorise any holiday absence during the testing weeks, or the first 2 weeks of any academic year.

Each year the holiday pattern for the next academic year will be on line during the 2nd half of the first term, upon approval by the Governing Body