School Performance Data

In Summer 2018 our end of Key Stage 2 results (based on six children) were:


Expected Standard

Higher Standard

Reading 50% 0
Writing 67% 0
Maths 67% 17%
Combinded 50% 0

Scaled Scores

Within Reading and Maths, children's test scores were converted to a scale score.  A school average was then calculated with a score of 100.0 being an expected standard.  Our scale scores for Reading and Maths were:

Subject  Scaled Score
Reading 96.8
Maths 102.3


Progress scores measure the progress that schools help their pupils achieve between key stage 1 and key stage 2

Subject  Progress Score 
Reading -2.67
Writing 1.89
Maths 3.40

The school's data dashboard can be found by following this link