Snow and Bad Weather Information

Severe weather response plan

  • Where there is a danger due to severe weather conditions to the pupils and/or staff at school, or in journeys to and from school, it may be necessary to close the school.
  • The final decision to open/close the school in the event of severe weather will be taken by the Headteacher, after consultation with the Chair of Governors.
  • Staff and parents will be contacted by text (Parentmail) if the school is going to close or reopen. This can be done from school, or remotely from home by the school office.
    (Phone numbers will be updated annually, but staff and parents should let school know if their phone number changes in between updates.)
    Information will also be put on the home page of the school website and the local authority website Information will also be  announced on the local radio stations
  • Staff may also be contacted by text by the headteacher with further information.
  • Staff should attempt to get into school if they can do so safely, unless they have received a text telling them not to.
  • The headteacher will contact the local authority’s Liaison and Compliance Team on (01772) 531808 / 531624 / 531893 or 532805 prior to 10.00am on the date of closure or will do a direct entry of a closure via the Schools Portal.
  • Support services due in school on that day will be contacted, if possible, by the headteacher / school office.
  • Gritting – main gate and a pathway across the front and side of school will be gritted by the site supervisor when necessary to allow safe access to the school buildings.
  • The situation will be assessed daily, with parents and staff kept informed of the situation.