Transition Information

One of the many joys of attending a village school is the ease of transition from class to class! The relationship between children and adults is magnificent. To that end, we don't do a traditional meet the teacher - that's a continuous process. At Mossy we spend the 1st couple of weeks integrating the children to Mossy, helping them build relationships with each other. We also start the term off in style with a whole school trip with ou collaboration school St George's. This year, we're all off to Martin Mere on teh 13th September! How exciting is that! 

That said, chat to their September pupils and may even set them some homework for the holidays on an annual basis!!

This might include learning or revising tables and number bonds knowledge or keeping a diary of summer holiday experiences, so that these can be shared on return to school in September. Pupils will be challenged to become more independent learners and be responsible for their kit, homework and learning.